COS Racing is a 501(c)3 amateur sports team whose purpose is to advance the sport of cycling in the Pikes Peak Region. The team was formed out of the need for such an organization in the city of Colorado Springs and is currently home to the area’s top competitors and most knowledgeable experts.  Through the team’s planned events, clinics, rides, and support structure we look to provide a pathway to victory for all levels of type and levels of cycling enthusiasts.



To promote racing and racers of all levels in all disciplines in Southern Colorado. We will unite the cycling community and local teams in an effort to raise awareness of the cycling community and all that we can do. COS Racing members will give back to their sponsors and their community beyond weekend racing. COS Racing will promote the development of racers at all levels in an effort to build competitive categories at all levels and disciplines of competitive cycling.




COS Racing was founded in 2014 to address a shortfall in local teams interested in supporting bike racing of all kinds in the Colorado Springs area. The team was formed with road, mountain bike, and cyclocross teams at the Elite, Race, and Club levels.



COS Racing expanded to approximately 200 members and continued to support all forms of bike racing at the local, regional, and national levels. Team members achieved podium finishes at regional events such as the 9th Annual Steamboat Springs Stage Race, the Valley of the Sun Stage Race, Tour of Gila, and the Tucson Bike Classic. For the first time, the team hosted Colorado Masters State Championships at the Porsche Thunderbird RoadRace at the USAFA.

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