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Pita Pit to Offer Healthy Race Menu & $2 Morning Coffee

One of our 2018 race sponsors – Pita Pit – has posted a new menu for this year’s event including $2 coffee to meet your morning coffee requirements and a wide range of healthy lunch options for racers, officials, volunteers, and spectators.  These include straightforward health, vegan, and or gluten-free choices.  Since food options for non-DoD personnel are quite limited on the USAFA, you’ll find Pita Pit’s booth in the Vendors area close to the entrance to the 10th Medical Group Clinic.   For details and pricing, see menu below.


Pita Pit 2018 Darkblade Systems Menu




New USAFA Access Requirement for Late-Stayers


We’ve just been informed that any non-Department of Defense (DoD) individuals over the age of 18 who expect to stay later than 5 PM on race-day need to complete the following online form. USAFA regulations require all non-DoD to vacate the base by 5PM, unless they have registered for a waiver.  This will most likely affect all Men’s Pro-1-2 racers and their guests, some spectators, USAC officials, vendors, and some volunteers.  Failure to complete the form may result in delays departing the base, apprehension, and may negatively impact our ability to continue to hold this event at the USAFA.  Please comply ASAP.  It’s painless.



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