Team Roster

COS Racing currently has 95 members across three tiers – Race A, Race B, and Club.

Race A

Our A-Team consists of our most competitive riders who have attained an upper tier in their respective discipline(s).

NameUSAC Cat
Barber, Justin2-3-5-2
Bell, Matthew3-3-5-4
Brady, Matthew2-2-4-3
Brothers, Michael5-1-5-5
Brummer, Nick3-2-4-5
Cavner, Jonathan1-1-1-1
Coffey, CJ4-1-5-4
Colon, Eduardo3-3-3-2
Dragomirov, Vladislav3-3-5-5
Holcomb, Dustin5-1-5-5
Jackman, Peter3-2-4-5
Larson, Glen5-3-5-5
Matheny, Daniel1-Pro-2-2
Matteson, Ian3-1-4-4
McCall, Brian4-1-2-5
Miller, Charlotte4-2-5-1
Murphy, Christopher3-3-5-4
Neis, Dave1-2-1-5
Percy, Diane3-3-5-3
Rivette, Lacey5-1-5-5
Rosaly, Guillermo5-1-5-5
Spano, Daryl2-3-5-5

Race B

Our B-Team is our developmental tier consisting of competitive riders in all disciplines who are seeking to advance their skills, fitness, and racing accomplishments

NameUSAC Cat
Bentson, Adam4-1-5-5
Bondy, Derek5-3-5-5
Bouchard, Christopher4-3-4-5
Budhi, Ronald4-3-5-4
Chamberlin, Michael4-3-4-4
Clements, Christopher5-3-5-5
Copeland, Brian4-3-5-4
Cordova, Christopher5-3-5-5
Elmer, Michael4-3-4-4
Farro-Miro, Marisa4-3-5-5
Ferguson, Chris5-3-5-5
Ferris, Sterling5-2-5-5
Finley, Hanson5-3-5-4
Furman, Jeremy4-2-4-5
Hartel, J. Erik4-3-4-4
Healy, Kevin4-3-3-5
Johnson, David5-1-5-5
Johnson, Rachel5-3-5-5
Jones, Michael5-3-5-4
Juneau, Miles4-1-5-4
Leenheer, Mark5-3-5-5
Liebel, Steve4-3-5-5
Lopez, JJ4-3-5-5
McAdoo, Andrew5-3-5-4
Milthaler, Chris4-3-3-5
Nelson, Anthony5-3-5-5
Nordeen, Jay5-1-3-3
Pruett, Roy5-2-5-5
Reynolds, Caesie5-3-5-5
Schilling, Robert4-3-5-5
Sharples, Tracy4-3-4-4
Shaw, Glen5-3-5-5
Stalnaker, Wendy4-3-3-3
Subka, David4-2-5-5
Sudduth, Aaron5-3-5-4
Tyra, Brad4-3-1-5
Wageman, Daniel4-2-5-4
West, Mike4-3-2-5
Winterhalder, Janet4-3-5-4
Wood, Liz5-3-5-4
York, George4-3-5-4


Our Club Team is for new racers seeking to take that first step into competitive riding or those who have not competed recently

NameUSAC Cat
Anderson, David3-3-5-5
Bal, David5-3-5-5
Begin, David5-3-5-5
Brothers, Cynthia5-3-5-5
Butler, Curt5-3-5-5
Carragher, Dan2-1-3-5
Chiaramonte, Michael5-3-5-5
Cole, Michael5-3-5-5
Cotten, Allison5-3-5-5
Dumont, Kelley5-3-5-5
Duncan, Jeff5-3-5-5
Fortenberry, Don5-3-5-5
Hatter, Marcus5-3-5-5
Higgins, Daniel5-3-5-5
Keene, Aaron5-3-4-5
Kulesa, Nick3-3-4-5
Lucas, Collin5-3-5-5
Moore, Christine5-3-5-5
Morgan, Eric5-3-5-5
Murillo, Megan5-3-5-5
Nakka, Raj5-3-5-4
Neufeld, Bruce5-3-5-5
Noble, Mark4-3-5-5
Perea, LeeAnn5-3-5-5
Potter, Curtis4-2-5-5
Powell, Joe5-3-5-5
Rathbun, Tom3-3-4-5
Sfeir, Emily5-3-5-5
Shannon, Olivia4-3-3-4
Snider, Emery4-3-5-4
Williams, Maggie5-3-5-5
Zenthoefer, John-Peter5-3-5-5