Team Roster

COS Racing currently has 131 members across three tiers – Race A, Race B, and Club.

Race A

Our A-Team consists of our most competitive riders who have attained an upper tier in at least one discipline.

NameUSAC Cat
Barber, Justin2-3-5-2
Bell, Matthew3-1-4-4
Brady, Matthew2-2-4-3
Brothers, Michael5-1-5-5
Budhi, Ronald3-3-5-4
Coffey, CJ4-1-4-5
Dragomirov, Vladislav3-3-5-5
Finley, Hanson3-3-4-4
Frye, Ashley3-3-5-5
Holcomb, Dustin5-1-5-5
Hurley, Seth3-3-5-5
Jackman, Peter3-2-4-5
Juneau, Miles3-1-4-4
Kemble, Jasmine3-3-4-4
Larson, Glen3-2-3-3
Lott, Terry3-3-4-2
Matheny, Daniel1-Pro-2-2
Matteson, Ian3-1-4-4
Mayfield, Robert2-3-3-1
Mayles, Deanna5-Pro-5-5NEW!
McCall, Brian4-1-2-5
Miller, Charlotte2-1-2-2
Murphy, Christopher3-3-5-4
Neis, Dave1-2-1-5
Neuber, Johanna3-2-2-5
Padgett, Dan3-3-4-4
Pickett, Zach5-1-5-5
Rivette, Lacey5-1-5-5
Rosaly, Guillermo5-1-5-5
Simelane, Siphamandla4-3-5-5
Sudduth, Aaron3-3-4-5
Wade, Steve3-3-4-4

Race B

Our B-Team is our developmental tier consisting of competitive riders in all disciplines who are seeking to advance their skills, fitness, and racing accomplishments

NameUSAC Cat
Bentson, Adam4-2-5-5
Bobo, Monty4-3-5-5
Bolton, Lance4-3-5-5
Bondy, Derek4-3-5-5
Brothers, Cindi5-3-5-5
Chamberlin, Andrew4-3-3-5
Copeland, Brian4-3-5-4
Cordova, Christopher5-3-5-5
Elmer, Michael4-3-4-4
Farro-Miro, Marisa4-3-5-5
Ferguson, Chris5-3-5-5
Frye, Brandon5-3-5-5
Hartel, J. Erik4-3-4-4
Healy, Kevin4-3-3-5
Johnson, David5-1-5-5
Jones, Michael5-3-5-4
Lopez, JJ4-3-5-5
Matteson, Chad4-2-5-5
McAdoo, Andrew4-3-4-4
McMurtry, Lauren5-3-5-5
Milthaler, Chris4-2-3-5
Morgan, John4-3-5-5
Nelson, Anthony5-3-5-5
Nordeen, Jay5-1-3-3
Patton, Dennis4-2-3-5
Perea, LeeAnn5-3-5-5
Pruett, Roy5-2-5-5
Reynolds, Emily3-1-2-5
Rucker, Michael5-3-5-5
Seidler, Pam4-1-3-4
Shannon, Olivia4-3-3-4
Sharples, Tracy4-3-4-4
Shaw, Glen5-3-4-5
Singmaster, Curtis3-3-3-5
Subka, David4-2-5-5
Thoman, Ron5-3-5-5
Toups, Kevin4-3-4-5
van Werven, Boudewijn4-3-5-5
Wacker, Andrew4-2-4-5
West, Mike4-3-2-5
Winterhalder, Janet4-3-5-4
York, George4-3-5-4
Zamot, Cameron4-3-5-5


Our Club Team is for new racers seeking to take that first step into competitive riding or those who have not competed recently. Club riders are eligible to upgrade to B-Team after three races in any discipline. We also have a program that allows local racers from other teams to enroll in our Club program to take advantage of our local training opportunties. In our opinion, this cooperative environment benefits the entire Colorado cycling community.

NameUSAC Cat
Alford, Gwenn3-3-5-2
Anderson, Danny5-3-5-5
Anderson, Dave3-3-5-5
Avakian, Alex5-3-5-5
Bauman, Lindsey4-3-4-4
Beltramo, Benton5-3-5-5
Blyth, André5-3-5-5
Bolton, Lisa5-3-5-5
Buckley, Kip5-3-5-5
Burress, Kyle4-3-4-4NEW!
Butler, Curt5-3-5-4
Caughlan, Tom5-3-5-5
Chiaramonte, Michael5-3-5-5
Cockell, Austin5-3-5-5
Cole, Michael5-3-5-5
Daniels, Walter4-3-5-5
DeLong, Brian5-3-5-5NEW!
Dolphin, William5-3-5-5
Ellis, Marc5-3-5-5
Fortenberry, Don5-3-5-5
Fries, Patrick5-3-5-5
Harvey, Regina5-3-5-5
Hunter, Shawn5-3-5-5
Hurley, Jordan4-3-5-5
Johnson, Kristine3-3-4-4
Johnson, Steve2-1-2-2
Kimble, Luke5-3-5-5
Lafon, Jean-baptiste5-3-5-5
Larsen, Brandon5-3-5-5
Lemond, Kris5-3-5-5
Martirosian, Justin5-3-5-5
McDaniel, David5-3-5-5
McKelvey, Sean5-3-5-5NEW!
Morel, Sarah5-3-5-5
Morgan, Mason5-3-5-5
Moy, Geffrey3-1-3-4NEW!
Nakka, Raj5-3-5-4
Olsen, Michael5-3-5-5
Parker, Blake5-3-5-5
Percy, Diane3-3-5-3
Potter, Curtis4-2-5-5
Prickett, Marc5-3-5-5
Reynolds, Keith5-3-5-5
Sandager, Gaer5-3-5-5NEW!
Schenberger, Mark5-1-5-5
Schroyer, Robin5-3-5-5
Schwisow, Tim5-3-5-5
Smith, Robert3-3-5-2
Spano, Daryl2-3-5-5
Stalnaker, Wendy4-3-3-3
Thurston, Kelly5-3-5-5
Turner, Jeffrey5-3-5-5
Welsh, Nate5-3-5-5
Willert, Brandon5-2-5-5
Worthington, Beau5-3-5-5NEW!
Zerger, Joshua5-3-5-5

*** NEW! = New members in last 90-days.

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