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COS Racing currently has 106 members across three tiers – Race A, Race B, and Club.

Race A

Our A-Team consists of our most competitive riders who have attained an upper tier in at least one discipline.

Barber, Justin
Brothers, Michael&#129353 2022 Pikes Peak APEX – MM 50-59
Budhi, Ronald
Coffey, CJ2022 MTB Nationals (XC) – 5th Place – SM 25+
Dragomirov, Vladislav&#129351 2021 CO State TT Champion – SM 3
Johnson, Steve
Larson, Glen
Lott, Terry
Matheny, Daniel
Matteson, Ian
McCall, Brian
Miller, Charlotte&#129351 2022 MTB Nats (XC) – Champion – MW 70+
&#129351 2022 Pikes Peak APEX – MW 60+
Padgett, Dan
Pickett, Zach
Rosaly, Guillermo
Sudduth, Aaron

Race B

Our B-Team is our developmental tier consisting of competitive riders in all disciplines who are seeking to advance their skills, fitness, and racing accomplishments

Abbas, Laith
Bentson, Adam
Bobo, Monty&#129351 2022 CO State HC Champion – MM 50+ 4
Bolton, Lance
Brothers, Cindi
Butler, Curt
Camelo Rosas, Miguel
Copeland, Brian
Elmer, Michael
Ferguson, Chris
Hartel, J. Erik
Healy, Kevin
Johnson, David
Matteson, Chad
McMurtry, Lauren
Morgan, Mark
Nakka, Raj
Nelson, Anthony
Parent, Connor
Patton, Dennis
Perea, LeeAnn
Rucker, Michael
Seidler, Pam&#129351 2022 Pikes Peak APEX – MW 50-59
Sharples, Tracy
Subka, David
Thoman, Ron
van Werven, Boudewijn
Wacker, Andrew
Wade, Steve
West, Mike
Worthington, Beau
York, George


Our Club Team is for new racers seeking to take that first step into competitive riding or those who have not competed recently. Club riders are eligible to upgrade to B-Team after three races in any discipline. We also have a program that allows local racers from other teams to enroll in our Club program to take advantage of our local training opportunties. In our opinion, this cooperative environment benefits the entire Colorado cycling community.

Afton, Gwenn– Racing for Hammer Racing:
&#129351 2022 500M TT US Champion – MW 60+
&#129351 2022 Scratch Race US Champion – MW 60+
&#129351 2022 Points Race US Champion – MW 60+
Anderson, Danny
Anderson, Dave
Arrington, Joshua
Arthur, Ryan
Avakian, Alex
Barrett, Kyle
Bauman, Lindsey&#129351 2022 CO State TT Champion – SW 4
Blyth, André
Bratcher, Corinne
Buckley, Kip
Burress, Kyle
Calderone, Nina
Camelo, Oscar
Caughlan, Tom
Chamberlin, Andrew
Cockrell, Austin
Cole, Michael
Cordova, Christopher
Custer, Slade
Cuyler, AaronNEW!
Dolphin, William
Ellis, Marc
Farrell, DanielNEW!
Farro-Miro, Marisa
Faulkner, Zane
Fries, Patrick
Garza, Lauren
Habeger, Owen
Harvey, Regina
Huey, Barbi
Huey, Jay
Johnson, Kristine
Jones, Michael
Lafon, Jean-baptiste
Lykins, Noah
Martirosian, Justin
Mitchell, Drew
Morel, Sarah
Morgan, Margaret
Moy, Geffrey
Osterhout, Charles
Percy, Diane– Racing for DNA Masters Cycling:
&#129351 2022 World Champion 2K Pursuit – MW 55-59
&#129351 2022 Pursuit US Champion – MW 55+
&#129351 2022 Scratch Race US Champion – MW 55+
&#129351 2022 Team Sprint US Champion – MW 45+
Potter, Curtis
Reynolds, Emily
Ripingill, Kaden
Rosell, Michael
Rysewyk, Holly
Sandager, Gaer
Schroyer, RobinNEW!
Schwisow, Tim
Stalnaker, Wendy
Telian, Aaron
Teter, Joey
Thurston, Kelly
Vela, Steve
Wright, Matt
Yassin, BasmahNEW!

*** NEW! = New members in last 90-days.
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The following riders are part of our leadership team:


COS Racing is governed by a Board-of-Directors consisting of volunteer representatives from each team tier.

Barber, JustinTreasurer
Brothers, CindiMember
Budhi, RonaldSocial Media
Hartel, J. ErikMember
Larson, GlenMember
Perea, LeeAnnPresident

Ride Leaders

The following are official team-appointed Ride Leaders. Ride Leaders are responsible for organizing monthly rides in each major discipline.

Brothers, CindiGravel
Brothers, MichaelMTB
Hartel, J. ErikGravel
Holcomb, DustinMTB
Larson, GlenRoad, Gravel
McCall, BrianGravel
Miller, CharlotteTrack
Sharples, Tracy
Sudduth, AaronRoad

Other Leadership

As a non-profit organization, the team also requires additional volunteers to perform essential functions within the organization.

Hartel, J. ErikWeb, Data Manager
Matheny, DanielCoach

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