The following riders are part of our leadership team:


COS Racing is governed by a Board-of-Directors consisting of volunteer representatives from each team tier.

Barber, JustinTreasurer
Brothers, CindiMember
Budhi, RonaldSocial Media
Hartel, J. ErikMember
Larson, GlenMember
Perea, LeeAnnPresident

Ride Leaders

The following are official team-appointed Ride Leaders. Ride Leaders are responsible for organizing monthly rides in each major discipline.

Brothers, CindiGravel
Brothers, MichaelMTB
Hartel, J. ErikGravel
Holcomb, DustinMTB
Larson, GlenRoad, Gravel
McCall, BrianGravel
Miller, CharlotteTrack
Sharples, Tracy
Sudduth, AaronRoad

Other Leadership

As a non-profit organization, the team also requires additional volunteers to perform essential functions within the organization.

Hartel, J. ErikWeb, Data Manager
Matheny, DanielCoach

Colorado Springs' Cycling Team