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Sponsor Spotlight: Twisted Spoke

Twisted Spoke has been a longtime supporter of COS Racing. Our racers can attest to the effectiveness of their CBD products, especially with regards to nutrition and recovery. Their CBD + CBG chamois cream is the best in the business!

Twisted Spoke Apothecary was founded by Wen Dolphin and Gabe Kane – two friends with a passion for cycling and wellness. They combined this passion with their experience in the cannabis industry to fulfill their dream of becoming business owners. Their entrepreneurial spirit has not only enabled them to provide for themselves and their families, but to the Colorado Springs cycling community.

COS Racing is honored to be sponsored by Twisted Spoke. The sky is the limit for Wen and Gabe, and we look forward to seeing where their vision takes them.




“Live Out Loud Ride” Coming Soon

COS Racing invites all to an upcoming event hosted by COS Racing teammate Gwenn.

On October 16th, Gwenn is hosting a MTB and gravel ride in memory of her late husband Theodore “Turtle” Wilson who passed away in late 2020 while riding in Palmer Park.  Turtle was an avid competitive mountain biker, cyclist, USA Cycling official, and US Air Force Academy graduate.

The “LIVE OUT LOUD Memorial Ride ” will take place at Greenland Open Space. Routes include an easy-paced 10-mile single-track ride (MTB), a moderately-paced 32-mile gravel ride, a 3-mile walk option, and a make-your-own adventure ride of your choosing.

All proceeds will support the TURTLE Effect Foundation (a 501c(3) non-profit) that provides scholarships to talented cyclists in Turtle’s name and supports young people seeking admission to the US Air Force Academy.

COS Racing’s charter is to support bike racing in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and elsewhere and this event and Gwenn’s efforts align with those priorities. Please join us on October 16, 2022.

For more on Turtle, see https://turtleeffect.org/about-turtle/

For additional information about The TURTLE Effect Foundation, go to https://turtleeffect.org/

For additional details on the “LIVE OUT LOUD Memorial Ride” and to  register, go to https://www.bikereg.com/liveoutloud2022.

Thanks to our sponsors for making such support possible.